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Q: Are you bonded and insured and what is your experience?

A: Yes, fully bonded and insured. Insurance covers your dog and property within your home. I have been a trainer and walker for over 24 years, studying with Sue Sternberg, Jane Kopelman, Sarah Wilson @ Brian Kilcommons' dog training center, and with Linda Rosa @ Laughing Dog in Brooklyn. We have low staff turnover - all of my walkers have been with me for 6+ years.

Q: What area do you service?

A: For dog walking, we cover Queenswest, Hunter's Point, Gantry Plaza, and Court Square in Long Island City.
For training, I travel to you within the greater metropolitan area.

Q: What is good about dog walkers in LIC for your dog?

A: Walks (Especially with other dogs) add a structured activity which is not only physically healthy, but emotionally fulfilling for dogs. Dogs are hunters and migratory by nature - they travel together to hunt and relocate when game is scarce in their current location. It is in their nature to move together within a group. 
Without a migratory/structured walk in their normal schedule, a dog will be missing a component in life experienced for thousands of years by their ancestors - one not fulfilled by visiting a dog run/park or a doggy day care.
Many owners find it challenging to add a migratory walk to their busy day. (meaning moving a significant distance from one point to another w/o stopping). This is where hiring a professional dog walker is very useful.

Q: Are you a LIC dog walker or a LIC dog trainer?

A: Both. I started as a trainer first and added the walking to my schedule a few years later. The training helps me with my walks and the walks allow me more time to be around many different dogs and understand them better...which helps my training.

Q: Why would I hire a trainer to walk my dog? I'm just looking for a simple dog walker; I don't want my dog trained or disciplined.

A: I don't charge more because I am a trainer. It's an added benefit. 
The training is helpful for avoiding problems which are inherent to walking dogs in a busy city. Problems such as: dog skirmishes, elevator doors, dropping a leash accidentally, cars whizzing by oblivious to all other forms of life. 
These potential problems are all negated when you have a dog walker who knows dogs well and is never surprised by their behavior.
The only training applied during walks (when not asked) is for all dogs to sit/stay, to heel on leash, and for them not to lunge at or fight with other dogs.

Q: (For Training) Why would I hire a dog walker to train my dog? I'm looking for the best - a professional dog trainer.

A: I am a dog trainer who also walks dogs. I am not a dog walker who happens to try to train. I started working with dogs, training them for commercials, before I started my dog walking business.
Almost every trainer I know has an auxiliary dog business apart from their training. Boarding kennels, breeding, dog grooming, inventing better dog foods/products, dog walking, pet stores, and some even have their own TV show.
This both allows more time and experience handling dogs and provides a supplementary income for trainers.

Q: There are other pet services to choose from. Why RyanForDogs?

A: Peruse the website or contact me. Maybe it will be a good match? My profile piece on "Our American Stories" delves into my background and formation. 

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